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Juggling more than 2 languages at a time

I, for one, have 3 languages I'm currently working towards. They are completely different and share none of the same words. To be exact, they are Dutch, Spanish, and Greek.

Now, I have struggled to juggle all 3 languages. The thing is? You don't have to! There are a couple possible solutions to the "Juggling 2 or more languages at a time" problem. Here they are; I hope they help.

--> Solution 1 <-- You can just quit some languages! I know you can feel a bit defeated, but it can be helpful. When you feel less stressed, you can pick back up the languages.

If you're one who has 2 or more languages for business or school, then see the next tip.

--> Solution 2 <-- Have certain times in a day to practice each language. If you have an hour or even half an hour, you can fit about 3 or 4 lessons into about 45 minutes. If you aren't too concerned about one or two languages but still need to practice them, alternate those two each day. Have, say, Dutch on Monday, then Greek on Tuesday. If you have a major language you need to learn, practice that every day!

--> Solution 3 <-- If you rarely have time for Duolingo but still need to learn a language on the fly, then take the more weekend- based approach. Every weekend, take the time to study hard-core. For example, do Basics 1 through Possessives one weekend, Clothing through Adjectives 1, and so on. Make flashcards online or, if there's a deck, get Tinycards and use Duolingo's official deck for the language.

November 28, 2017



-->Solution 4<---

just fumble through it and dont really know what you're doing, we call this method the idkhbtfm way



Currently I'm doing the FrenchByte way; you learn one language part-way, then another seems interesting, then you go back after a few weeks and try to manage them all at the same time. You fail, and concentrate on one. But then another one seems interesting and so you forget everything else and almost restart.


Same here, sort of. I was organized until school started.


even during the summer i was not organized at all


How do you personally juggle the languages? I normally do 100XP on each language per day, if I can.


I just do my Spanish and sneak in Dutch or Greek when I can. I'll try to make a Solution 4 that isn't idkhbtfm.


wow. but you don't have as many as idkhbtfm


I use the first method, at first, I learned both Spanish and Japanese, sooner I felt overwhelmed. Afterwards, I chose to learn Spanish for three months, and then I started to learn them at same time. That felt much better.


I rotate through a cycle: 50 XP on the languages I've been doing for a while, 100 XP on the languages that need to catch up. I CAN get through all of that in one day, but usually it takes 2-3...


What I've been doing lately is focussing on my main language, French, until I get sick and tired of it (usually after 150xp or so) then I do a single Irish lesson, which helps me remember how much easier French, and I then go crawling back.


Thanks for the advice!

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