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  5. "일기 예보에 의하면"

"일기 예보에 의하면"

Translation:According to the weather report

November 28, 2017



日氣 預報 에 依하면


日氣 豫報에 依하면

if you are going to keep doing this at please get all the characters right ^^

Note: i actually use hanja to study and find this very helpful thx


Don't be too harsh, even Koreans may not know these LOL


That user is known for inaccurate hanja. Misinformation isn't a helpful learning tool. It would be different if they weren't regularly incorrect and just made the occasional mistake.


It seems like a bad joke. Technically 豫報 means forecast, just as in a forecaster who predicts the weather. A reporter doesn't forecast it but is entrusted(預) with it. I just got away previously with translating 예보관(豫報官) as reporter. Usually, in other contexts, that'd be 기자(記者).

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