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Learning 5 languages at once

I won't say that all these languages have, I have learned. I am currently learning how to learn all 5. Sometimes you get mixed up, especially between dutch and German. But at least I'm learning more :3 I don't recommend you doing this, but if you like a challenge, you should! I heard that learning more languages can highen your IQ points, so if you're doing the same thing as me, keep going!

November 28, 2017



I'm pretty sure learning more languages doesn't affect IQ. If it did, I would probably have an IQ of 1000+, given I'm studying around 45+ languages.


idk about the iq thing because your iq supposedly doesnt change much throughout your life but idk for sure


I totally agree with that. After being at it for at least 3 years, I can absolutely say that learning more than 3 languages at once was worth it. Thanks for the encouragement!


Hmm, I'm not sure about that IQ thing; it seems a bit unscientific that learning more languages will boost how you apply knowledge and make you solve puzzles and problems better. Or boost your intelligence.

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