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Tips on keeping a long streak

I know it, but a majority of the people who see this post probably like having a long streak.

Read until the end!

Here are some ways to keep a long streak.

--> Solution 1 <-- Keep a Streak Freeze in handy. They cost 10 Lingots from the store, but they are totally worth it! They come into play whenever you forget to do a day of Duolingo, and then you have to buy another. This method is very helpful, as it is nice to have a backup plan, but I recommend trying to actually do your Duolingo.

--> Solution 2 <-- Set time aside each day for your Duolingo. I do mine in the afternoons or evenings, so I think some time should always be set aside for the language. Again, if you forget or you're busy, the Streak Freeze is a good backup plan.

--> Solution 3 <-- Get the mobile app! Yes, it's a hassle to have to connect to WiFi, but at least you can get it done when you don't have access to your laptop or desktop every day. I personally use the mobile more than my laptop version, but that's been adapted to my personal schedule. Though some say the app is always worse than the website version, I think that Duolingo has done well on its app.

--> Solution 4 <-- Give yourself a small reward if you do your Duolingo that day. This helps, especially if you don't have Duolingo in your daily habit yet. Rewards should be something like a couple small pieces of candy to 10 minutes of free game time, but it should be something that you want to work for. Once you have Duolingo in your routine, start easing up on the reward. Once it's second nature to do your Duolingo, drop the reward every day. If you need the reward to help you accomplish the language, then the language is a punishment for you and you're only doing for the reward.

I hope you benefit from these tips, because they definitely helped me! I recommend reading all the tips before choosing one, because one might be more suited for you than another.

November 28, 2017



Tips for keeping streaks long are all centered around one thing.


All streak tips are based on advantages, such as Streak Freeze, and the motivation. Motivation is what keeps you doing Duolingo everyday. Setting a good time also supports this, and rewards are very good extra motivation.

Tips are for increasing the motivation and making you do Duolingo everyday.

  1. Practise on Duolingo every day.
  2. There is no 2.
  3. See 1.

That's all there is to it. A streak won't necessarily make you good at a language. If you practise easy skills rather than harder skills your streak will still be maintained, but you won't get much or any benefit from the repetition. If you only use Duolingo and don't broaden your exposure to a language, you'll still have your streak but your time might have been better spent elsewhere. Don't take streaks too seriously; they can be seducing, but they don't really matter.


It's true. The highest streak I've ever gotten was around 60-something days. It certainly helped with building the habit of keeping up with a language, however nowadays I'll get maybe up to a week or two steak and then miss a day on Duo for whatever reason. That does not mean I am not getting exposed to my target elsewhere each day!

If streaks help you to stay consistent then that is great, however I would advise not making it your sole motivator because if you lose it one day you could lose all hope! If it helps you attain your language goals then keep it up best you can, but like garpike says they don't mean much if you take it too seriously.

Perhaps maybe I just wish I could keep such a long streak, but I try not to let it bother me :)


I would add: Enjoy learning languages! Make DL a part of your life! 5 minutes of learning every day is better than one hour learning once a week. And good luck to everybody!


1.Have a small daily goal. 2.Have a Goal Streak Goal: Mine was 100 days, now its 1000. 3.Make sure to confirm that steak is valid on both mobile and PC. 4.Do lesson 1st thing in the morning while making coffee. 5. Do lesson while lying down at night 6.Do lessons while at work, when you have free time 7. Have a touch of OCD

  1. Do lesson while lying down at night

But do NOT get asleep on a sofa while doing it. This easily happens!
And don't do this to keep a streak, but only for additional practice.


Trying to save a streak with a 10XP goal at 23:50pm is the worst thing one can do.

You might finish a few seconds or minutes after 00:00 and puff....your streak is gone (without a streak freeze).

Or the DuoLingo / question screens / audio might lag on high traffic, so you can not work as fast through the session as you are used to.


You forgot to mention the best option to keep a longer streak:

Set the coach goal to 1XP in the web portal settings.

Do this if you want to stick to web typing translations, and you do not use mobile apps which might auto-overwrite this setting or force you to pick between 10-50XP after finished lesson.


But the 1x goal makes only sense, when you are really lazy and use the timed practices to only get 1xp ;-) So the goal of 10xp is also good to not get stressed every day to hold a long streak.


Another important thing is: Inform yourself about any possibilities to get into the internet, when you are in vacations! You will need data roaming and it can be very expensive, but it is absolutely necessary, when you are in areas, where WLAN does not exist.

For Germans: Aufgrund der neuesten gesetzlichen Anpassungen ist es zumindest in der EU - einen entsprechenden Handyvertrag verausgesetzt - kein Problem mehr. Ich konnte im EU-Ausland meine in Deutschland gebuchten Kontingente sowohl nutzen als auch zum gleichen Preis wie in Deutschland erweitern. Sehr praktisch! Das war wirklich mal eine verbraucherfreundliche Änderung!


I gave up a 500+ day streak in these conditions, and did not mind. I didn’t want to have to be tied to it while traveling and paying huge roaming charges for something so intangible.

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