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Extra Credit Questions

I tried finding the answer to my question in previous posts but most of them were outdated.

Sometimes, after completing a lesson, Duolingo asks if you want to do some extra credit, usually to earn extra points. But:

How do you know if you got the extra credit questions right?

Thank you!

November 28, 2017



hmmm ive never heard of extra credit questions. next time, could you maybe take a screenshot?


It's only on the app (in my experience) and no matter how confident or not-confident I feel about a set of questions, it always says "You earned 15 xp! Don't worry if you didn't get them all right, this helps us improve your learning!" or something like that. It's always bothered me that I have no way to know if I got them right, when it says that directly in the message :(


i got them a few times and never know if i get them right or not either


The extra credit questions are only meant to help Duolingo determine how well you are learning and I suppose to figure out how they can improve the courses although I haven't seen any evidence of this yet. You don't get any direct benefits from these questions


sorry never heard about them

[deactivated user]

    I have never ever seen them.


    Yes, I've had these too, several times. I came here to ask this question but searched and found you beat me to it. Yes, it seems you answer about ten questions in the format of a sentence with one or two missing words and a multiple choice (four options) to fill the blanks by understanding the rules of Spanish (gender, plural, grammar, tenses etc). If you complete the questions you are rewarded with 15XP, the message "do not worry if you didn't get them all right" and nothing more i.e. no indication whether you got 10/10 or 2/10. Each time I have thought I could well have got 10/10 but maybe missed something and it was 8 or 9, but without a result there's no way to know. DuoLingo, if you can hear me, a reply whether you are purposefully not wanting to provide either an overall score or a question by question (correct or wrong) acknowledgement... or whether this is an unintended omission.

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