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Just a question??

How come the numbers 1 is not with-in the basic collum? what I mean is why is 1 - 20 or 30 ( un au vingt ou trente ). Im just wondering and when I first noticed it I was really confused, because when I started french last year I started directly with numbers. Is there a certain way that things has to be learned? .. Feel free to answer or atleast attempt.

November 28, 2017



i dont understand what you're talking about....

are you asking why specifically it goes up to 20 or 30...?


Are you asking why numbers is not one of the first things learned? Simply, because Duo doesn't prioritize things the way your French teacher apparently did. There's absolutely no reason to learn numbers particularly early.

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    Maybe numbers are important in French?


    do you mean un à vingt, one to twenty as in "Peux tu compter de un à vingt?" do you mean why isn't it in the numerals? Probably because it wasn't use in the lessons as a numeral, it was use like in "a" boy "un" garçon if you notice some of the numbers are also missing like 16 17 18 19 they have not been used in the lessons :)


    Numbers in frech are import to there people


    Your post has been down-voted - which is very unfair. Please try and express your question clearer as I, and others, do not understand what is troubling you and we would like to help you.

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    Numbers are often taught early in French classes because it's not really complicated...just stuff to memorize.

    But that doesn't mean they need to be taught early. You can read, write, speak, and listen to many French sentences that have no numbers in them. So duo decided to move them further back in the learning order.

    If you continue with duo, you'll be exposed to most, in not all, of the rules you'll cover in your basic French classes, but they might not be in the same order.

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