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Issue with the last question of timed practice

When doing a timed practice to strengthen skills, you're unable to see the answer for the last question if you run out of time. Sometimes it's quite a long sentence and I run out of time to type it.

Is this able to be fixed?

November 28, 2017



I would really like this too. I have asked for it before but nothing has happened yet. The only way to see it when the time is running out is to click on skip before it runs out then you can look at it on "review lesson". But I think the best thing would be if they let you submit this last answer anyway and mark it but don't give you the point whether it's correct or not because you ran out of time but at least you could see everything in the usual way.


Where is timed practice?


"Timed practice" feature is available in Web version of Duolingo. When you click 'Strenthten" (either inside the particular lesson or on your Home page) you can choose between 'normal' repetition and timed practice.


You have to buy it from the webstore first then you will see it as jpawlin says

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