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Few days break and dropped 1%. Why?

Have had a few days break for personal reasons. Before resuming note that my percentage has dropped by one. WHY?

November 28, 2017



The fluency % is meaningless - ignore it.


Duolingo says to practice everyday is important when you are learning a language. You don't practice, so they drop your fluency, you practice regularly your fluency goes up. Otherwise fluency is meaningless.


The theory is, that immersion allows you to learn a new language. Without it, you will fail in the end, and give up. By dropping the fluency, it should inspire you to go deeper into the pool.


perhaps it's because duolingo thinks you're possibly forgetting the material you learned


especially if you havn't reinforced your recent exersizes, a few days is enough for you to "forget"

this happens to me too, don't worry much


The algorithm ages your familiarity, and puts the words with the longest interval since your last usage (see the Words tab where you can sort by when last practiced). The fluency calculation is some function of the percentage of the tree you have completed, whether each lesson is gold, and within that, when you last practiced each word.

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