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  5. "My birthday is June 19th."

"My birthday is June 19th."


November 28, 2017



This is one of the sentences that made me feel everything in this course is for conversation only.

Make sure you use 日 not 号 when you write a date.


Not disagreeing, but why is that?? Duo lingo doesn't have a grammar course beyond tapping on the words to look at their meaning, this app kinda needs you to have some sorry of basic knowledge of grammar and sentence structure.


Hm... I don't catch your meaning well... Anyway I do not have a problem if Duo wants to teach conversational uses only and there must be people out there who only want to learn how to talk. I only think it is important for learners to know what they are learning.


Yeah, I used 日 instead of 号 and got dinged for it... This is one of those times when Duolingo needs to make its expectations clearer.


"Wo" does not need to be in the front, you should be able to first say the date then the fact that it's your birthday


Yes, it is necessary.


Why is "六月十九号是我的生日" not correct? I thought we put the dates in front.


Is 是 really needed?


Whoops, I just wrote that my birthday is June 90th.


A reminder to all that year-month-day (big endian) is the standard date format in China and East Asia.

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