"I like to eat this pork with rice dish."


November 28, 2017

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To me 猪肉饭 means 'pork meal'. 饭 does not specifically mean 'rice', it can mean any food. 'Pork with rice dish' seems to me like very clumsy Chinglish. If you want to say 'this pork dish' you would say something like 这个猪肉菜. I think in most cases the rice can be assumed, although my experience is that it is often served separately.

TLDR: We are starting with a very clumsy English phrase which is inevitably difficult to translate. The English needs to be changed, then the Chinese answer might make more sense...


Although 饭 often refers to a meal but it is applicable in specific usages such as 早饭, 午饭, 晚饭, 吃饭, etc. It does not apply here. When 饭 comes after an ingredient (or more) we expect some food of that ingredient served and even cooked together with rice. The way the dish is cooked may vary from one place to another, but ordering 猪肉饭 would definitely get rice served.

猪肉菜 is not normally used. To refer to dishes with pork as the main ingredient, we normally would say 猪肉菜式, or just 猪肉.


Is "猪肉饭" the Chinese equivalent for "Pork WITH RICE dish"? Because that's what lingo's solution says...


There is no specific dish with this name. All we can tell is there is pork, and there is rice. It must be fascinating to see this item on the menu.


See my own post below.


"You used the wrong word" is nonsense, I used only correct words but mistakenly omitted a word... although I question the need for that word as "I like to eat food" and "I like food" are equivalent in context.

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