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When is Czech going to be on the app?

I want to study Czech on duolingo, but I find the app easier to use. So I was just wondering when it was coming to the app.

November 28, 2017



Honestly, I hope that never. I find the apps way too buggy, way simpler from what one learns when using the web. But mostly Czech has some unique issues with the app approach (I am sure other languages do as well). For example exercise where you get bunch of words and you are supposed to make a translation out of it. Let's say the English sentence is "I have a car". You get, among others, words Já, auto, mám. And you make a valid answer of "Mám auto". And you would fail. Because the system has Já mam auto, as the main translation and insists on you translating it that way. And is not checking your reply against the list of other acceptable translations. So it is more pain than gain and nothing the contributors team can do about it.


i am tempted to test this on another language that drops the subject pronouns because my understanding is that even side translations are accepted in the blocks exercise.


I can confirm that at least SOME side translations are accepted in these block exercises now. Maybe they are finally fixed.

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