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what is the best way practicing reading questions

Any good advices (:

November 28, 2017



I am afraid, that I don´t understand your question? Read and translate, that´s all.

But in detail:

First read the question sentence, then try to translate it by yourself without cheating (lookup on a dictionary, use an online translating tool or somehting like that.)

2nd hit on the continue button. You´ll be informed, if there was something wrong. Look at it, memorize it and if you don´t understand well, why your answer was wrong open the discussion to read, if there are any explanations which help you to understand. If not, ask your question there and hope for a good answer.

3rd after the lesson use the review button to review your wrong answers again, see, that you understand or memorize all of them.

4th repeat the lesson as often as you can. Use the hover function on the words of the question sentence to get an idea on what you should answer. Repeat the lessons till you have no errors there (it´s easy, because in the normal circles are often the same questions in the same order).

5th Do this for all circles and then try the strengthen button. Do the same here as for the single circles (1-4), but it is a bit more difficult here, because there are some more questions to proof, if you´ve understood the points.

6th Try out the timed practice. Now you have no time to look and proof, you have only the time to answer as quick as you can. But here are much more and more difficult questions and variabilities and the order isn´t every time the same. But this will really strengthen your abilities.

And: Don´t give up! Go forward and come back later, if it works not so good at the particular moment.

This is at least my way.

Is that, what you asked for?


thanks a lot for this awesome explanation. I am sorry my question was not clear . I have tried several A2 B1 exam models . reading questions were really hard for me . your tips are really helpful thanks .

Ich wünsche ihnen einen schönen Tag noch.


I don't understand the question either. But guessing at what you mean, I'd say stick with it for now, level 11 has long ways to go. I've only passed the half of the course here the other day, and the lesson that marks half way trough is basically first lesson that isn't in present tense. I must say that feels odd. Once you get most of this course done, you can start reading wikipedia articles in german, perhaps pick topics you know a lot about, for example if you are scientifically inclined, you can read scientific articles, as the words that won't be covered in this course, are pretty much the same in german and english (or any other language for that matter, they are pretty universal).

You might also want to practice listening skills, and for that you can watch movies, listen to songs, or, find youtube channels in german. There's one called easy german, where a girl walks around and interviews people in the street about various topics, in german. Everything is subtitled in both german and english, so you can be sure to understand. Problem with that is that spoken german is apparently way simpler than written one, so you'd get to practice your listening, but perhaps you won't get to the hard core german there. good side of it, you'd get exposed to slang and the language you'd also be exposed to if you were to go to germany, or if you were to talk to germans online.


thank you for these advices they are really helpful . I liked your method .I will take this seriously have a nice day :)

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