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Is it okay to learn 2 languages at once?

I'm a native English speaker. I was wondering if it was OK for me to learn and study both Spanish and Dutch at once, or will it get confusing? Is it better to learn them one at a time?

If you have any advice, please comment below!


November 28, 2017


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People do it all the time. Aside from languages (2-4 at a time), people study closely related subjects (eg, multiple science subjects) or totally different subjects (eg, science and liberal arts) at the same time. Does it get confusing at times? Yes. So what? Life gets confusing at times. Try it and if it works for you, don't worry about the few bumps on the way!


I recommend spending time with just one language first before adding a second one. It helped me to keep the rules a bit more separate in my head at the start, which reduced the amount of frustration I experienced. However, my learning experience might differ from yours.

In general, mixing up languages It's just something that happens though. The longer you continue to effectively study all of your languages, the less often it will happen. But, I know people who are fluent in multiple languages and they still mix them up sometimes. :)


I personally wouldn't do that, because, knowing myself, I know I would get confused between the two languages. I recommend learning them one at a time - but it's entirely up to you. If you think you're dedicated and will get on fine, go ahead with it! Good luck and have fun learning!


Thanks! I'll learn Dutch first then maybe Spanish...If I manage to become fluent in Dutch first! Ha ha!


They are not from the same language family (Spanish is a Romance language, Dutch is Germanic) so while there is a risk of confusion if you have no base in either of them, it's not as big as it could be if you'd just start out with two languages from the same family like Spanish and French or Dutch and German.


Thanks for the advice. I'll stick to Dutch for now ;)


To me, it's a matter of time. It does take time to learn several languages.


There is nothing wrong with it, but in addition to some of the good comments above, I would also consider whether or not you already speak a second language. A third language seems to be a much easier process than a second language, where one is at once learning how to communicate in another language and how to not think in English.

If you have not crossed that frontier yet, I would advise picking one and really focusing all your efforts on it - ideally one that allows for some immersion opportunities, which is more likely to be Spanish outside the Netherlands.


It is okay, if you do not have any ploblem with that.

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