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I've been using Duolingo for three years!

Hi everyone,

I've just had a look at my profile, and I noticed that I've now been learning with Duolingo for three years!

I would like to give a massive thank you for everyone who has helped me on my way.

The course creators, for creating such wonderful and engaging learning experiences, and have made me fall in love with French!

All the staff, the moderators, for helping me whenever I've needed it, guiding me on my way to becoming part of this wonderful community.

And finally, the community itself! A wonderful thing to be part of, and something I hope I can be part of for a long time to come.

Thanks guys!


November 28, 2017



Good activities.Go ahead.


Thanks! Good luck in French!


wow, what a great achievement, Michael. Excellent!! xoxo


Thank you! My name is not Michael though ;)


Wow, that's awesome! Nice job and congrats!! :) here's to another three years! ;)


Tell us a little bit more PJ...

How have you been using / practicing or incorporating French in your daily life?

Have you been maybe visiting any French countries, have you meet French people, did you join "Language Exchange Stammtische" on www.meetup.com, have you been surfing in France, etc.

What else? :-)

What was your motivation to learn French?
Are there any windy spots in a country where you could use the French language like they are added to www.bstoked.net?

Sorry, I have no caravan to travel to any undeveloped French free beaches without local (tourist) (kite-)surfing stations.
However, I heard nice things about French "normal surfing" spots...

But yeah, it would be fun if I could at least read the French website from a kitesurfing vendor :-)


Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to visit France in the time that I've been learning French. I've progressed from Duolingo in that I'm taking French for my GCSEs. But Duolingo really was my inspiration. Before I started with it, I was spelling "oui" as "wi" xD. Hopefully though, I'll be able to visit France soon and try it out on some native speakers!


did you say kitesurfing? how fun!


Congratulations! Although I haven't helped you before, I still like reading these post. Thanks :)


well done! Yes, this here is our little home in the virtual world!

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