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  5. "你为什么看起来很紧张?"


Translation:Why do you look nervous?

November 28, 2017



duolingo please make up your mind on whether you want people to translate the word 很 as an description of extent every time or you are okay with it being a filler word


Yes it should have a policy of always accepting a translation of 很 both with and without "very". And if there are times when only one is acceptable it should explain that when marking us wrong.


@Julykix - for the same reason that you want Duolingo to apply rouge and lipstick on its mind - "make up your mind" vs "make up your appearance for the film shoot"...

And that reason is 'context'! :-)


You are very nice man i like your comments


If the answer is supposed to be

"Why do you look so nervous?

The sentence provided should have been

"你为什么看起来 那么 紧张? "


In another exercise in this same lesson, you translate "kanqilai" as "seem." In this lesson you translate it as "look." In the tips and notes you translate it is "appear to be."

Instead of accepting all three, you accept just one. That's cool.


'Why do you look tense' was not accepted


Things seem to change from exercise to exercise. Should sentences start, "You why ...", or, "Why you ..."; which is better ?


Neither. The correct answer is "Why do you.."

Take a look at the given answer. Questions always begin with "Why do you..", "What do you..", "When do you..".... etc etc.

Can you give us an example of the exercise you referred to, which begins with " You why.."? I'm curious to learn.


你 为什么 看起来很紧张


In Chinese, both "你为什么...?" and "为什么你...?" are correct. As for choosing which one, the word that comes first is being emphasized more. And, I believe I have heard ”为什么你...?" more often.


'Why are you looking so nervous?' should be accepted. When commenting on someone's appearance or expression, using present continuous is a correct way of saying it.


why do you seem nervous


You indicate in the tipps to translate this with "appear to be" but then you accept only "look so" - this is not nice ...

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