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well coming to germany i thought i had a basic idea of what the language was but the moment i got here oh my God, they speak so fast ,pronounce the words so differently and now am scared of speaking. who came to germany an dcouldnt speak so fluently? how far are you language? how did you learn? which tips made you learn fast? and how long did it take?

November 28, 2017



I think, this is normal in most cases. But it will change after a while. You will hear and hopefully also try to speak German every day, so your ears will become customized to German quickly.

DonĀ“t give up learning, read a lot, watch German TV, meet Germans, try to understand and to talk as much as you can and it will be better and better..


I was in Germany few times, but now I'm studying German in order to study there, as it is the main condition for studying on German state-funded universities. So, there aren't two full months but until now I've learned much and many :) My tips for you are to watch German movies with German subtitles, ok, they aren't so abundant on internet because there are strict legal obligations for them to, but you can watch on YouTube some episodes as they are from political to cultural episodes, so, watch German stuff on youtube. The second tip is to read German, I do it via Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, daily newspaper based in Frankfurt, because I am interested in economics and stuff around that, you can also try Bild, it's a newspaper that contains almost everything from yellow papers to historical analyses. And the third tip is to set your Facebook, your Mobile and every device you own on German, I did it and it's fantastic how easily you can remind some words. You can also like many German Facebook pages, like 'Ich liebe Deutsch' and make them "See first" in following settings. Have a good time learning German, Viel Erfolg mit deinem Deutsch! Tschuss.

P.S. Don't forget to save in your mind some phrases that will help you during your stay there, because as many here noticed that your ears will gradually adapt to that fast German speaking, you need some time, and therefore remind the phrase to remind somebody to speak German STANDARD language and slowly..For example "Konnen Sie bitte langsam und Hochdeutsch sprechen?" This are my small tips :)


have you been learning german with something other than duolingo? cause you are level 3 on duolingo, that's not really enough to make any sort of reasonable conversation. what is that? like 10 %? that means you can understand 1 out of every 10 words someone says. even if they speak about real simple things


My grandmother spoke only German when she moved to the US, she didn't know a word of English. She now speaks fluent English, here are some tips from her:

Watch TV and listen to German audiobooks (my grandma didn't have these but they eventually helped). These usually have correct pronunciation and no dialects.

Listen to people speak in public places, practice on your own, read German books, etc. Good luck on your German!


You need to train your German with chatting, talking, etc.

Try http://www.hellolingo.com


Just make friendships with German people wish you all the best


I have never been to Germany but I am actually learning the language on this website right now it's okay bu then once you get farther it gets really hard in some cases.


It has been two years I am there I still cannot speak well... I study English that is why i do not have time to learn.. but Duolingo helped me sooo much.. best for you..


how can you not speak german well , YOU ARE A LEVEL 23 FOR SAKES.

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