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"Don't think that you are learning anything here."

Translation:Nemysli si, že se tady něco učíš.

November 28, 2017



Opravdu? Opravdu si nemám myslet, že se něco učím? Jsem překvapený, že umím česky mnohém líp než před dvěma měsíci :/


Life is full of surprises ;)


thank goodness you guys did not put "eat your shoes" in the course.


I have found that I have learned a lot so far. I have already studied Czech and I found that this course fills in a lot of in between words I have not learned yet. For example the phrase "jeden z těch" was not one I knew before I started this course.


Why in this sentence "Nemyslete stále na holky, a učte se jazyky" we do not say "si". But in this "Nemysli si, že se tady něco učíš" we say it


to think about smth/someone - myslet na někoho/něco

to think something - myslet si něco


I tried out some word order variations and I believe "Nemysli si, že se tady učíš něco" wasn't accepted - does having "něco" at the end sound strange? Is there a way you would emphasize "anything" (you're really not learning a single thing) or does that just naturally come out of "...něco učíš" at the end?


Yes, it does sound very strange. It does not make sense as the focus at the end.

If you had a prticular specific thing, you can make it the focus:

Nemysli si, že se tady učíš matematiku. (you are actually learnimg something else instead)

The "something else instead" does not really work with "něco".


why is "nemyslete si , ze se tady neco ucis" called wrong just the you plur. instead of ty ? thanks


Yes, nemyslete is the plural of nemysli. Also used to formally address a single person.


Ok ! Thank you very much


You just need the two verbs to match each other.

  • singular/informal: Nemysli si, že se tady něco učíš.
  • plural/formal: Nemyslete si, že se tady něco učíte.


nemyslete si že se tady něco učiš...was marked wrong ...why please? is it because 2nd pers. plur.? thanks


Yes, nemyslete is plural (or formal singular) and učíš is singular (informal). That combination does not make any sense.


yes sorry understood ! Thank you !

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