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Please, hungarians: If we do something, then make it perfect!!!!

it is nonsense to accept only one correct answer, there are too many ways to write this down!! we cannot read in anyone's mind to figure this out! So please, if it's possible, hire more hungarians for make it perfect or delete the whole thing!!! It doesn't deserve to make me headache day by day even if I am a real hungarian female, who cannot pass these tests. What about the other nationalities? How they can learn this language if they really want to??? Thank you!

For example: Hűtőgép (N) > Hűtő (Y) Seriously???!!!!!!

November 28, 2017



I may be wrong, but I think checking these things is on a volunteer basis. I imagine they would welcome an additional native speaker to assist in correcting and vetting the lessons. With more help, they will also be able to get the course out of Beta.


That's true. If you're a Hungarian native speaker, with decent skills in English, it'd be great if you applied as a contributor for the course.

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This course is far from perfect. But that being said, I have learned a tremendous amount here and am thankful for what I have learned. Could it be better, sure. I went from know a bunch of words and a few phrases to somewhat making complete sentences using the correct person. In Magyarorszag this past summer, I was able to order in restaurants, shop in stores and take public transportation with confidence. The locals definitely knew that I was a foreigner, but I was able to get my point across. Conversations around relatives dinner tables was much more difficult for me, but words I did recognize were clear as a bell. Those conversations are my motivation to keep on practicing!


Some people using it as HÜTTŐ in speech at the countryside


Hűtőszekrény is the best.


But isn't it kinda too formal? It's not really used in everyday speech - a bit like személygépjármű.


I don't understand why sometimes the correct answer is "in or into" and "on or onto" in different cases. There are many other similar dualities. It seems to depend on who wrote the sentence with the "correct" answer. If i answer the "wrong" way I have to memorize the supposed correct answer so I can move forward.

I realize that what sounds right in English or Hungarian is different but there has to be some sort of standard which accepts synonyms. I am a Hungarian native speaker living in America for the last 60 years, fluent without an accent in English but not in Hungarian (hahaha). For a few years after college I taught English, German and French in a high school, since I learned these languages during years of successive immigration.

I love the idea of Duolingo but wish there would be enough support to get it out of beta so it wouldn't be so difficult to move ahead. I always have to decide if it is better to just play the game or take screenshots and report the errors I find. I have a goal of completing this before I leave for Budapest to live there for a while. Reporting takes a lot of time and I am not an authority on translation from ENG -> HU because I don't have an adult HU vocabulary. However, while my HU syntax is good and I can think in HU I make the kind of mistakes that a child speaking her native language at home but never having gone to school in that language makes. Spanish + English is "Spanglish" so I could say I speak "Hunglish". :)


For the record, "hűtőgép" is rather uncommon for "fridge", the de facto standard word is "hűtőszekrény" based on German Kühlschrank. Probably that's what the authors had in mind.

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