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There are some people which are doing, like, 30 languages. What keeps you motivated?

I have a guy learning lots of languages (RyanOkushi) following me and sometimes I see some random commenters which are learning LOADS of languages. Sometimes it looks like you're not doing the last few, but yeah. I wanna learn multiple languages (NOT just 2) and say some stuff pretty well. Anyways, what I'm asking is, how do you stay motivated?

cake-4-life x

November 28, 2017



I visualize the end result: hyperfluency and what I can do with it in the future. It's becoming increasingly difficult to do this, due to my mother berating my passion every single day.


Same, I want to live and work in lot's of different places east! In regards to your mother, I think you should ignore her. You won't get anymore if people try to drag you down!


My whole family feels the same way (except my grandparents; they find my passion a bit weird but they support me.). After much research I have found that my parents are narcissists and the solution for narcissists in life are to get away from them completely, however possible. I have tried ignoring my parents when it comes to my passion, but they're trying to suppress it. They want to delete my Duolingo account under the excuse that my grades are """suffering,""" when the reality is I had some hiccups in my classes that are dragging my grades down since they're part of different grade categories, PLUS I have over two months to improve my grades before the semester ends.

I'm going to have to deal with this injustice for two more years until I graduate. I hope I can live in Finland (e̶v̶e̶n̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶d̶o̶e̶s̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶e̶x̶i̶s̶t̶) one day.


Possible NPD? Fun fun fun...you have my sympathies.

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Sometimes our parents are too pesimistic about our dreams (Oh, you want to go to university? Oh, you want to speak 5 languages? Oh, you want to be the best in sports? .... yeah, right). They do this, because most of us have failed to finish some things that we started. Sometimes it's also because they had dreams when they were younger and never fullfilled them. Once you catch them off guard by learning a skill that most people cannot do (or just something the parents could never do), they will change the way they look at you and some respect from their side should follow. I know this from my own experience. Sometimes it can take a long time, but it's sure possible.


Ever since I have started thinking for myself, my parents have never supported anything I do, ever.

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That's tough, if it's really so I wish you all the best, stick to your dreams and don't let them drag you down. Even if they somehow deleted your Duolingo account, you will still have your knowledge in your head and can test out some skills when you come back here. Good luck with everything :-)


I’d say that curiosity is a big part of the equation, but also, I find it easier to stay motivated when I realize that I am actually learning. Language is one of those things where you can feel yourself getting better, a little at a time.

Three weeks ago, I didn’t know a single thing in Chinese, now, even though I haven’t immersed myself in it, I can say a few basic things. That’s motivating.


Keep Learning!!! 2,3,4 languages... or just 2.... then next week maybe 6? Its For You... You are doing this For You! Cake4Life... Learn4Life! Knowledge is Power.. You know this... Just a lil everyday.... Keep your streak up by keeping your streak freeze up to date. Set your daily goals lows, so not to overwhelm yourself. And always do a quickie lesson in the morning... Try other learning tools and resources just to add variety-uh, Youtube. I think its way too cool that we all just want to work this hard, for our own personal reward.. Brains... Awesome Sauce


I think it's not too hard to be motivated to learn a lot of languages if you're a fan of foreign cultures, movies, music, food, etc and want to engage other people... The issue with learning more than two is time. If you're spending like one DL lesson a day on each (that being 30 lessons a day from your question), you're not going to get anywhere with them. I wonder if anyone's actually doing well learning a bunch at a time (on top of work, school, what have you).


the words and sentences are so beautiful. Each language has its own logic and its own tone. How could I not keep learning?


Well, trying to learn 30 languages is something I could never even attempt. So, I have great respect for those who take on that challenge. Knowing how mentally unstable I am now, that would just increase my madness. Though, sometimes people add courses to just learn their grammar and don't necessarily come back to them. Of course, I'm sure people who have added a lot of languages on Duolingo are actually studying them. In a nutshell, I think a good organization of their time and a stable passion are the things that keeps them motivated. That is just a thought that may or may not be correct. ^ ^


Just think that you'll get a reward; and <sub>--BOOM!--</sub> You can even speak the basics in lots of languages.

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