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  5. "서울역에서 기다려줘."

"서울역에서 기다려줘."

Translation:Please wait at Seoul Station.

November 28, 2017



It doesn't end in 주세요, so why "please"?


both 기다려'줘' and 기다려'주세요' refer to asking a favor. In English, 'please' would be enough to express your request in a polite way. However, In Korean, 기다려줘 is 반말(to your friends or younger) and 기다려주세요 is 존댓말(in a formal way, to strangers and to elders).

So, in this case, I guess the speaker is talking to his friend or someone.(BUT, kids and children, they may speak to their parents in 반말, especially if they are little kids or some adults as well.)


Great explaination!


I guess there is a generational difference. My wife and I are mature adults and she always uses formal language and I reciprocate.


Wait at the Seoul Station = 서울역에서 기다려

Wait (for me) at the Seoul Station please => 서울역에서 기다려줘

기다려줘 = wait for me = shortened version of 나를 기다려줘

서울역에서 나를 기다려줘 = wait for me at the Seoul Station, please


verb stem+아/어 주다 is typically used to ask for favors. In English, you just say please blah blah blah.

Since 주다 also means to give, it implies that the action is a favor or benefits you somehow.


No way. I saw what happened in that movie.


You can place 'please' at the end as well, I wasn't wrong :(


It's more useful to flag it. If you think your translation is correct, submit it and then it may be accepted in the future.

[deactivated user]

    fyi we say "in the station" in UK x


    How do you differentiate from waiting anywhere at the station and waiting specifically inside?

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