Is this a bug or did I miss something?

I recently encountered what I believe to be a bug on the Greek study course, but I am no master of Greek and would like to clarify with the community first. ( who I'm sure has more experience than I do) In Basics 1, when I try to spell "the man" in Greek, I have typed "ο άντρας" which is what I was told the correct answer was. HOWEVER it says I'm incorrect, and says the "correct answer" but it looks 100% the same to me. Am I missing something, like mistaking one character for another, or is this just a glitch?

November 28, 2017


Well, there are more threads on this that "correct answers" are rated as incorrect, even for more languages than just Greek.

So I think it might be a software problem / glitch.

Personally I do not type any accents for Portuguese, but the system nevertheless accepts me answer. So there seems to be at least no problem for EN-PT.

Have you tried to type without any special characters, just normal English latin letters and see if the answer is accepted but would give you just the warnings of accents and how to type it correctly?

Do the app and the web behave the same?

Are you typing on the web or in any app?
If app: IOS vs Android and what version?

You can submit a bug report under "Help".

November 28, 2017

It's probably a glitch, it has happened to me 2 or 3 times in Russian at on of which it was so persistent that I had to abort the lesson after having "failed" 3 times in a single question. Your answer seems fine to me (I'm native Greek).

November 30, 2017
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