"Have you guys read that book?"


November 28, 2017

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So, read can be: 看,看过,读... Are there any other ways to say read? And what is the difference between all the ways?


Just to clarify, 看过 is the verb 看 + 过, which marks an "experience" similar to our use of "have" in English (Have you read that book? ie. Have you ever had the experience of reading that book?).

看 can generally be more related to the eyes, whereas 读 is more related to speaking, ie. reading out loud. If you look at the characters, 看 has the radical 目, or eye, whereas 读 has the radical 言 (which becomes 讠in simplified characters) which can mean speech or speak. Other words with that radical are 话,讲,and 说,which all are related to speaking.

Here are some examples of each:
你可以读一下吗? Can you read this (out loud) please?
这个字怎么读? How do you say this character? / How is this character read?
你要继续读书还是开始工作? Do you want to continue studying or start working?

我在看书。 I'm reading.
你看过这部电影没有? Have you seen this movie?
小李在看电视。 (Little) Li is watching TV.


过 means it's past tense


No past particle needed (le) ???

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