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So why did you pick what language you wanted to learn?

For me, this is pretty weeb-ish, so at first, I wanted to learn Japanese for the anime, and learn how to talk smack to someone in Japanese. Now I learned about the culture and the people! I chatted with someone in Japanese before and it was so amazing! Then I wanted to expand off Japanese, thus, i started German, stopped because of F R A N K E N W O R D S So then I picked up on Korean, And started Chinese in school Thus I am now addicted to learning a different language ha ha

November 28, 2017



The "frankenwords" you mention are actually one reason I enjoy learning German so much! If you have a basic understanding of root words you can decipher many combined long words when seeing them for the first time, or it can make the meaning easier to remember. German pronunciation also comes easier to me compared to almost every other language I've perused since it is extremely regular, except those pesky umlauts sometimes! Also, the number of cognates shared with English is amazing and definitely gives one a leg-up when building vocabulary.

German grammar on the other hand is a bag of tricks, and I see it as a nice challenge since understanding vocabulary makes learning to grammar much more manageable. Those prepositions usually throw me for a loop when I'm not sure why 'auf' is used instead of 'an' sometimes, for example. I think the three genders give it an interesting twist to understanding article and adjective declensions, but although there are some tricks to correctly guessing a word's gender you really have to simply know most of them.

Aside from the language itself, part of my family is from Germany, and my last name is an "Americanized" version of a German name. I am also in an engineering field that has much involvement from German people, so being able to more easily navigate research papers written in the language is a plus! German is perhaps the most relevant foreign language for me and I've always wanted to learn it! I cannot wait to visit Germany someday when my language skills are a bit more adept.

I am also studying Korean, which is less serious than my deutsch lernen, but it is more of fun break from it (not that German isn't fun!). Got roped in with KPOP and Korean music, stayed for the Hangul and the fact that I think it sounds amazing when spoken. The challenge of Korean being very different from English is rewarding when things begin to click.

Every other language I "learn" is simply a would-be-nice-to-know-but-do-I-really-want-to-put-in-that-much-effort-into-it language. See: my other flags. This is why Duolingo is awesome because I enjoy dabbling and can get exposure to a language in order to feel it out so to speak.


bruh.....THATS AWESOME I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE SOMEONE TALK SO MUCH ABOUT A LANGUAGE THE LOVE FROM THE BOTTOM OF THERE HEART!!!!! PEOPLE USSUALY SAY "bc it's cool" or " I watched/played/listened/ this" LIKE THIS IS AWESOME I AM SOO HAPPY (Sorry I get really happy when I see someone show a strong love for a language)


Haha thanx m8, just wanted to drop some truths!


*Hebrew and Welsh because of ancestry and because they are both beautiful. (Cymraeg-Welsh was an influence on Tolkiens' Sindarin Elvish language). Looking forward to Yiddish and hopefully a Cornish/Breton course.

Swedish because I wanted to learn a Scandanavian language and heritage.

*Hindi I am waiting for but practice elsewhere. I love the Devangari script, Jainism, Sikhism and other Dharmas from this place. Bollywood is awesome also. I wish I had the superpower of knowing all Indian languages haha.

Esperanto because it is a cool community and a great way to meet new people. Ne kabei!

*Spanish because more people speak Spanish in Estados Unidos than the population of Spain (and Spanish influence is growing).

Japanese for Harajuku fashion, Shinto beliefs, J-Pop, anime and more.

*Korean for K-POP and because I get along well with Koreans (was a Buddhist Camp counselor & a haengja at a Buddhist Temple), I believe the alphabet is easy and very logical, and they have the best online games :)

Russian because I want to learn a Slavic language that has many speakers, the music is awesome, and I am enjoying Czech also.

*All Romance languages besides Spanish is mainly for fun and music.

Swahili because it is beautiful and connects me to a whole group of people which is growing fast. Kiswahili preferably.

*All others I am just playing around with and exploring.

Thank you for reading!


I'm also interested in Hindi (partially) because of Jainism! I haven't read much about it, but it seems like an absolutely fascinating religion. So far it's probably been the belief system I feel the most "connected" to, it definitely makes me want to learn more. (Although unfortunately I do feel like I won't be "allowed" to follow Jainism if I ever decide I want to, I'm white and British and I don't want people to get mad at me for "appropriation", lol!)

Do you have any recommended reading on the subject, as I've only really encountered the basics so far? Diolch!


The only language I really have a "reason" for is Welsh - I'm Welsh, so that's one obvious reason for learning! Through starting to learn the language I've also gained an interest in learning everything possible about Welsh culture and history, further inspired by the fact that my brother's a bit of a local history buff himself. :P

I'd like to learn Yiddish, as a few generations ago quite a lot of people on my mum's side of the family spoke Yiddish, and my mum grew up in an area with a lot of Yiddish speakers, so it would be an interesting way to get "in touch with" some of my familial roots. My mum's also a bit interested in Yiddish, too, so it might be a fun thing for us to try working on together.

I'm also looking forward to the Klingon course on here because myself and several family members are HUGE Trekkies... so this one's a no-brainer. ;)


I picked Hebrew because I wanted to learn one of the original languages of the Bible. Then I decided to start learning Greek because I was going to when I was ten but never really started but I learned the Greek alphabet and its been engraved in my brain for years soooo.....lol


I'm learning Korean simply because I enjoy the challenge of learning a new alphabet, even though it is frustrating at times. I also love how it sounds, and I'm very interested in the culture. One day, I'd like to visit and have no difficulty communicating!


I started Spanish because I live in LA and there are a lot of people speaking Spanish there so I thought it would be useful. And it has!


I wanted to learn German because both my wife and I are over 50% Germanic (DNA testing). We knew that before the testing because we both have a set of grandparents that migrated from Germany. The United States has a high percentage of population with German heritage, but many were shamed into abandoning their native tongue during and after WWII.


I'm learning russian 'cause one day I want to move to russia and train there as a ballerina and hopefully get a professional job at a russian ballet company! ((:


I learn Arabic and Hebrew simply due to my interest in the region. Someday I wish to become a diplomat there.


I have already been learning Spanish outside of Duolingo for more than 5 years and wanted to learn another language. My grandmother was born in France and speaks French. I had heard her speak it before and thought that it was a beautiful language. French is similar to Spanish so I thought why not? I started French about a month ago, when I joined Duolingo, and love it so so so so much! Duolingo is amazing and I am glad I have this opportunity to learn new languages.


French, because I had two choices in high school and that one had the cool teacher. Esperanto, because I was really bad at French, and languages in general, so I'm hoping it will get me over the hump and that I can start thinking without translating. If I get better, I'd like to learn Maltese (heritage), Italian (heritage), and Welsh (I just like how it looks, w's abound). There are a lot of languages I think are cool and worth learning, but those are my top picks.


French because it's in the middle of the "interesting to me," "useful to me," and "comparatively easy to me" venn diagram.

Norwegian because my brother-in-law is Norwegian, I find the grammar really intuitive, and am very interested in the history, landscape, and policies of Norway.

Irish because I listened to this song and then listened another twenty times and then thought "why not?" I'm finding it EXTREMELY difficult so far, but it's fun anyway!

I'll hopefully add a non-european language when I finally finish French!

[deactivated user]

    I will be traveling to the Cote azure next year and was hoping to learn some french. I had taken 2 yeas in college so I had some back ground already. As my kids leave the house I will have more time to travel and hope to make it to Paris, Lyon, the Alsace and other areas of France. I would love to be able to be more a part of the culture than just an English speaking tourist.


    English because school and video games lol, thats about it. It used to cause me so much trouble, and I refused to learn it, but over time the language has grown onto me, and it's somehow nostalgic. If a language can even be nostalgic. Also, half the world speaks it anyways

    German for similar reasons, except my grandparents used to be immigrants in Germany for quite some time, and at her home my grandma had satellite TV with all the german stations, so I could enjoy all the cartoons, staged reality shows and badly dubbed sitcoms as much as I wanted! Had a trip to Germany aswell and basically fell in love ... Also Rammstein is dope

    Korean because I liked a few korean comics (webtoons?) which lead to me randomly discovering some korean music, which made me suddenly realise that the language of that one tv show that I randomly watched years ago that i thought sounded really cool is actually Korean ! And I decided I just had to learn it. Yep, stupidest reason ever, but Ive enjoyed it so far and its the NR. 1 language Im studying right now

    The japanese on my duo is literally just my weeb skills though, were in the same boat here .... Im not even ashamed. Im not actively studying it, because no real motivation. Maybe some day

    And thats it. Only satisfactory language levels I have though are English and German so far, with German being worse and rusty. Korean I'm a beginner at, and Japanese... yeah. Sorry for terrible mess of a text, Im half awake and brain is fried


    because i live in a bilingual city and if one can speak french one has a better chance to work in a better job.



    The first language I learned was English at school. It was duty but it became passion. I love the sound and the humour. Also the abilty to say something in two or three words I would need two long sentences in German is fascinating me.

    I always wanted to learn Spanish as a second language. Almost for the same reason as English. I like the sound and the melody. And it is an important language in many parts of the world. To know Spanish can't be a mistake, right? But language courses are expencive so I never did. When I discovered Duolingo I couldn't resist and started Spanish and the more I learn the more I like it. Even though the grammar drives me crazy it is a wonderful language to learn. And hey, what's life without challange!

    But now I have a question. Please tell a 'stupid ❤❤❤❤❤' (just kidding!) what the heck is a frankenword??? So it is my language I should know it but I've never heard this word in my intire life. So please tell me, what is that??

    best regards Angel


    English, French, Italian, German and Danish: Languages that I already know/am taking classes of, so Duolingo is p much a review tool.

    Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch: The first two I picked for the similarities to Danish and the second to German (Funnily enough Dutch is to me the most difficult out of the three)

    Russian, Czech and Polish: Because of their countries' importance in cinema and theatre, my fields of study/work.

    Korean, Japanese and Chinese: Been fascinated with Asian cultures since I was an itty bitty child, so I started learning both Korean and Japanese this year, slowly but surely, on my own. Then the Duo courses happened and here I am XD

    Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, and Irish: Because I love their countries of origin and their histories and it made sense that sooner or later I ended up learning the language.

    Catalan and Romanian: well, since they are both romance languages and one of them is from a region of my country I figured why the heck no.

    Swahili and Guarani: Because I intend to speak at least one language of each continent (and they are really interesting tbh)

    High Valyrian and Esperanto: I love constructed languages and in the case of High Valyrian, well, I want my own dragon.

    Hebrew and (coming soon) Arabic: Being from the Mediterranean is something that I take an immense pride of culturally, and it would be super awesome to be able to manage in all the (main) languages from the region. I already do in varying levels in the ones I mentioned, but it would be all kinds of awesome to manage also in Hebrew and Arabic, even if it is for the most basic stuff.

    Of the other coming soon languages I am definitely very interested in Hindi (Because I love Bollywood) and Klingon (as a homage to my dad who was a massive Trek fan).

    As for the ones left (Welsh, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and the upcoming Indonesian) I have no special reasoning yet. But surely will find one sooner or later.

    EDIT: Also, I still keep hope for a Basque and a Galician course here. Whether from English or from Spanish


    These honestly are all amazing! I am so Happy seeing all these people learning about there heritage and wanted to learn the language! It's just amazing seeing all these people doing this and that to follow a dream and follow what there parents were!


    I'm curious, So from what i know, English is very hard, now for all of you learning English, how hard is it? All of your English is really good, but it seems your learning it. Is English hard compared to others? Do you find English easy or hard?


    I might not be the best person to talk about this since I started learning English a long time ago and thus I am super accustomed but I remember it being difficult to learn at first. Though if I were to compare it with other languages I've learned/I'm learning, I'd daresay I find it really easy.


    Awesome! I find English hard kind of to learn still with it's rules like "i before e except after c" ( thats the only one I remember) haha. so yea! Whats your native language? Mine is English


    Mine's Spanish :D

    If I were to be honest, I wouldn't be able to explain the rules to someone who didn't know English (same with Spanish) because I have internalised that stuff so much that my reply as of general is a shrug and "It sounds good to me" (funnily enough 99% percent of the time I am correct, which it means I internalised most of it well)


    hahah! I tried spanish before, but the "La" "el" "las" and "Los" were getting to me, Would you know any way on perfecting those, I totaly understand if not bc you did say you can't really say the rules, I'm the same, I just try my best with my native language, if it's not offending someone or not making someone question you, you said it right.


    Well, that one's actually easy. You only need to know the gender (in spanish it's Masculine and Feminine) and the number (whether it is singular or plural) of the word they are accompanying.

    El is masculine singular.

    Eg: El padre va a ver a su hijo-> The father goes to see his son.

    Los is masculine plural

    Eg: Los enfermeros me han cuidado-> The male nurses have taken care of me

    La is feminine singular

    Eg: La madre trabaja como abogada-> The mother works as a lawyer

    Las is feminine plural.

    Eg: Las profesoras están de huelga-> The (women) teachers are on strike.


    Holy shoot Clari I didn't realize it was that easy!


    Replying to this one because duolingo doesn't let me reply to the others.

    Yeah, in theory it is easy. The thing is that you have to remember whether it is masculine or feminine and singular or plural. (That's as of general fairly easy too, but there are always the dreaded exceptions)


    that makes sense! Thank you!


    But the funny thing is, the i before e except after c rule has a ton of exceptions in English, like for example, "Weird". I don't find English hard cuz I was born in America, so... xD


    honestly, thats the only one i remember, i am American myself, grew up and still living in America, I'm just winging this langauage


    Yea, I am so happy to hear this information! I definitely want to hit china before I begin working and never get the time to!


    I find Spanish to be pretty darn simple! But I'm pretty good at learning languages. For example I've actually traveled to China before, so I know Chinese pretty well. That's why I'm not learning Chinese, if you already know a language but you're still doing it, it seems like cheating to me. :D


    yea spanish is pretty simple! I think doing a course on a language you know isnt really cheating, I think it helps on the person's knowledge for the language and culture then again, this comment is comming from someone who still eats mac n' cheese and dino nuggets


    What was china like??? I so want to go there once I know a large amount of chinese! (and enough money)


    China is very different than America, but I've only been to Shanghai. For one it's much older, but it has a better economy than the US ( Doesn't have a debt in the trillions) so its subway system is much better. A lot of the people there are old-fashioned, for example my grandparents own chickens! There are a lot of bikes there, too. From an objective view, though, certain areas are dirty, and Shanghai anyway is very smoggy. A lot of beggars, but not mentally sick like some people from the US. People are pretty nice there, no racism since almost everybody there is Chinese, and they respect other races. It's a pretty nice place! I would encourage you to look it up, since I'm not an expert on China. Good luck for learning Chinese! It's a pretty tough language. I took years of Chinese school and I still don't fully know Chinese yet. There are literally millions of words. Just try to learn the important ones, like "Wo yao mai zhe ge dong xi" (I want to buy this thing). Hope you can accumulate enough money! ;)


    You want to talk about class A drugs to random Japanese people? If not, maybe stick to standard English when talking to random strangers on teh intehwebz.


    im confused but this seems funny? hahaha


    Yep, this makes a ton of sense to me.


    I started learning Norwegian because for one I wanna live there its really pretty! Secondly I'm Scandinavian


    Spanish: Well, I've been learning it off and on since I was in highschool. I might really learn it now since some of my coworkers speak it.

    Japanese: In the beginning I wanted to learn it because of Anime and Jpop. Now I want to learn more about the culture because I want to go there one day.

    Korean: It's the same reason as Japanese. I wanted to learn it because of Kpop and kdramas. Now I want to go there too.

    Esperanto: I actually don't have a reason for learning this. I just heard that it was an international language so I decided to check it out.

    High Valyrian: I don't have a reason for learning this either. I just decided to check this out out too. I haven't even seen an episode of the show this language comes from. lol.

    Klingon: Even though the course itself is not out yet, I want to learn it because I'm a huge Star Trek fan.

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