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Timer in French too fast

I am a quick typist but can hardly get the words on the page before it times out, very disheartening.

November 28, 2017



I had trouble with the Timed Practice too when they sped it up. I was trying to do the whole tree through Timed Practice (20/20 no peeking). I dropped from 15-20/20 to 3-5/20. I almost gave up.

I kept at it and am now back up into the 15-20 range. If I can read the sentence and translate it instantly , I have enough time. If I am unsure at all I will run out of time. While it is very fast , when I do beat the clock , I know that I know the material pretty well.

Bonne Chance!


I beg to differ, but I would like to hear more about your story. I assume you're aware that correct answers add a few seconds to the timer?


I have the same problem in Swedish. Timer does not allow the extra time to make all the right dots and things. Typing in English is twice as fast :)


I think the timing is just right for my more fluent languages. For the less fluent, it is a struggle to form sentences fast enough. With French, I cut the corners by ignoring the accents which helps a bit.

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