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Would you be interested in a webapp to read (public domain) books with translation of each sentence


There is a project I'm starting to do for my personal use and I was wondering if people would be interested by using it too if it was available as a webapp/smartphone app.

1) I take a public domain book (gutemberg.org) available in two languages (for example EN and FR).

2) I split the book sentence by sentence and align the EN and FR sentences.

3) I provide a translation exercise similar to Duolingo smartphone exercise "reorder the words of the sentence" like on this picture :


4) I add text to speech as a bonus, either based on speech synthesis or based on public domain audiobooks from librivox.org with the sound aligned with each sentence.

So overall, it would be like reading a book or listening to an audiobook (with the translation available for each sentence), with the possibility of doing as a bonus a translation exercise by reordering words and checking against the translation.

November 28, 2017



Seems quite a project.

I would suggest you work on some paragraphs or at most a few pages before trying to do this with an entire book. Or at least do a very short book at first.

What skill level are you aiming for? In looking at books, even those for younger people like Petit Nicholas, the grammar can be complicated (using all the tenses).

If you intend on including all the tenses, I would be very interested as I am well beyond the simple tenses beginners use. I need more work on how people really listen to and speak the language. I do not see many apps or programs filling that niche.

Currently, I go to 20minuteFr (a newspaper) on-line, copy a portion and then paste it in Google translate. There is a microphone you can click on to have the passage spoken by the computer. I try to repeat, out loud (important), what is being said. I then try to determine if I understand the spoken words and do a rough translation. Next, I look at the passage and try to translate it into English. I compare that to my first translation based on the oral wprds.

Only after doing that do I look to see how close my translations are to that of Google translate. By following this pattern I hope to improve my understanding and listening skills - something one does not get by just reading.

Good luck on your project. Keep me posted as to how you are progressing. I do not have any app development skills but I might be able to assist on the content and format. If you desire to do so, feel free to share as you progress so I can provide feedback.


it sounds like an interesting project. What would be useful for me would be short stories, each with a strong focus on a few areas of grammer with a description of what you will be able to practice by reading that story - eg x and y tense, the following verbs - a, b, and c etc. Also the general learning level that the story is at. that might be getting to complicated, but I know I go for looking for ways to practice particular things that I feel that I need to deepen my understanding of.

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