"Co chtějí tamti muži?"

Translation:What do those men want?

November 28, 2017



je nesprávne "what do want those men"? všimol som si to už aj pri iných otázkach, že ono sloveso je vždy na konci. Je to pravidlo, a proste vždy to sloveso musí byť na konci? Dík moc .)

January 14, 2019


"What do want those men" is simply grammatically INcorrect [edit] in English. Although I'm a native AmE speaker, I'm not a grammarian and can't give you a rule. But thinking of similar sentences -- What are those boys playing? What are those girls doing? What is that bear chasing? -- I suspect that there probably is one! :-)

January 15, 2019



January 15, 2019


Sorry... typo, Yes, it was supposed to be "INcorrect." I've corrected it in the post.

January 17, 2019
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