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Romance languages spoken in the Italian Peninsula, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica

This video shows a song with lyrics for each romance language spoken in Italian territories and Corsica (it is in Portuguese, but it is understandable hahaha). Did you know there are so many languages spoken there other than Italian? What are your impressions?


0:06 - Catalan (occitano-romance language)

1:23 - Occitan (occitano-romance language)

2:58 - Franco-Provençal (gallo-romance language)

4:29 - Ladin-Dolomite (rhaeto-romance language)

5:44 - Friulian (rhaeto-romance language)

7:06 - Veneto (italo-dalmatic romance language, sometimes considered a gallo-italic romance language)

8:35 - Lombard (gallo-italic romance language)

9:50 - Piedmontese (gallo-italic romance language)

10:49 - Ligurian (gallo-italic romance language)

11:47 - Emilian-Romagnolo (gallo-talic romance language)

12:31 - Corsican (italo-dalmatic romance language)

13:30 - Italian (italo-dalmatic romance language)

15:07 - Neapolitan (italo-dalmatic romance language)

16:22 - Salentino (italo-dalmatic romance dialect of the Sicilian language)

17:47 - Sicilian (italo-dalmatic romance language)

19:17 - Sicilian Gallo-Italic (gallo-italic romance language)

20:11 - Sardinian (insular romance language)

I've also already made a post about the same kind of video with the languages spoken in the Iberian Peninsula. If you want to check it out, click here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25359250

November 28, 2017

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Excellent video! Damn, they actually found samples of Algherese and Sicilian Gallo-Italic! The only languages I'm aware of that they're missing are Basilicata Gallo-Italic and Castelmezzano.

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