"Joia noi bem bere."

Translation:On Thursday we drink beer.

November 29, 2017

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Does 'Joia' mean 'This Thursday' or 'On Thursdays' (ie. every Thursday)


It means "the Thursday" (definite articulation). It's common in Romance languages to use "the" instead of "on" for days of the week.


I was a little confused by this at first, but I think I've finally twigged. I take it that your variant is American English, so you don't use "on" talking about a specific day, "We're meeting Thursday". But in British English, we use "on" in both contexts, "We're meeting on Thursday".

So if I'm right, when you talk about the use of "on", the fact that we're talking generically, "on Thursdays" is taken for granted. I'm afraid this wouldn't have been so apparent to British speakers.


I'm not American and I wasn't advocating that "the Thursday" made sense in English. I was explaining that that is the literal translation from Romanian, that in Romance languages the way they say this is "the Thursday", whereas in English it's "on Thursday" except for certain Americans.


For what I've found, 'Thursdays' / 'On Thursdays', but I am not sure if it also means 'this Thursday'


For me, Duolingo's sentence looks like a general statement. For "this Thursday", it would have been "Joi (noi) bem bere."


If, as has been suggested, this use of the defininite article follows the standard Romance language pattern, for example, "il giovedi", "le jeudi", it means "on Thursdays", rather than what I'd normally understand by "on Thursday" (i.e. this Thursday. at least in BrE)

And this indeed seems to be the case:

We often go to the movies on Thursdays.
- "De obicei mergem la film joia."

We'll continue this discussion Thursday.
- O să continuăm discuția joi."


It appears that the translation here, if not perhaps incorrect, is at the least misleading.


According to the tips for this lesson, lunea (adverb) = on Mondays Example: Lunea mergem la școală= We go to school on Mondays. (But it seems to mean on Monday as well. Does it mean only on Mondays? Maybe not.)


On 'Thirstday' we drink beer. :))


În ziua de miercuri, purtăm roz lol


Shouldn't "beers" be correct?


Slow down there


How say - only on thursdays we do not drink beer ?


Doesn't joia means on Thurdays


On Thursday/On Thursdays has the same meaning here.


So, I assume there is no way to distinguish in Romanian on ThursdayS / on Thursday. In Spanish we say "Los jueves" / "El jueves" (definitive plural and singular article)


You may use "în zilele de joi" (for plural).

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