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Microphone in Android Tablet not working

Hi, Is there any way to test the microphone within the website?

Has anybody tried to use duolingo in an android tablet?

June 30, 2012



Tried on Samsung TabS and a BQ android-phone. None of them working. The mic is constantly "OFF", and "will be turned on in one hour" according to duolingo. I've tried switch it on manually, but neither way....nada-never. Extremely annoying


I never succeed in using the mic on any Android device (smartphone or tablet) with the latest is releases Kitkat and Lollipop, and I was thinking to be the only one! If you found the solution please let me know!!!


i tried to use this on a galaxy tab and it doesn't work. There seems to be some issue with flash not picking up the mic sound in android. I tried Firefox and the default chrome browser.


tries it on Kindle Fire HD and it does not give any speaking exercises so I assume it doesn't recognize the mic


Here's what worked for me: First, I had to give the Duolingo app permission to access the microphone, then I was able to toggle the Speaking Exercises ON in the app settings.

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