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  5. "请问,我们可以在哪里换钱?"


Translation:Excuse me, where can we exchange money?

November 29, 2017



Exchange should also be accepted


Looks like they added that and removed the one with "change"! Even though it's still listed here I got marked wrong just now for using "change" and was told I should use "exchange". Both are correct you silly Duolingo!


I've just had "Excuse me, where can we change money" accepted, so it appears that they've added it again.


Same, change marked wrong April 1.


"exchange currency" is the proper expression. "exchange money " is very Chinglish!


It's not Chinglish at all.

"Change money" has a long history in English (as does "money changer(s)"), and it's not much of a stretch from that to "exchange money". "Exchange currency" is fine too, but "exchange money" is also common and there's lots of evidence of its use in mainstream publications and other native-sounding text on the internet.

Encyclopedia and dictionary references

Collins has the following example/explanation:

"When you change money, you exchange it for the same amount of money in a different currency, or in smaller notes, bills, or coins.

That hits both "change money" and "exchange it".

USA Today

How to Change Money to a Foreign Currency

US Travel Insurance Association

How To Exchange Money In a Foreign Country

Google Ngram Viewer

The following Google Ngram Viewer search isn't determinative (there are certain to be phrasal effects not captured by its parameters), but it has "exchange money" above "exchange currency" in English-language books (and shows "change money" as more common than both):


You can't use Google Ngram Viewer in that way as supporting evidence. "Change money" on its own without any context has many meanings and uses outside of currency exchange. Google is counting every occurrence of "change money" it finds. Showing its prevalence in comparison to exchange money and exchange currency without any context is either misguided or dishonest.

Consider the following sentences:
"Banks can change money market rates at any time."
"They have decided not to change money order prices next year."


Thanks for the advice, Tips, but I'd already addressed that in my comment.

[deactivated user]

    I just had to! As the sentence contained 我们, I wrote "Excuse US..." and was promptly tarred and feathered into a fine 5 foot 8 green duster. Gotta be a glutton for punishment to came back here, day after day, yes? ;-p


    To change money is more natural than to exchange money.


    It's certainly what I would say, though to my mind both are acceptable.


    'exchange currency' should be accepted.


    "Excuse me, do you know where we can exchange our money?" Should be accepted?!


    Change should be accepted.


    Sorry, where can we change money ?

    This can of sentence should also be accepted. Some users aren't native english speakers


    Note: "This kind of sentence..."

    I'm not totally against "sorry", but "sorry" is better translated by "对不起" or "不好意思".

    However, "change money" is fine. (I would even say it's better.)


    Annoying that can't correct mistake in mid sentence when touch the wrong character by mistake. Used to be able to


    excuse me where can we exchange money here... should have been accepted


    I'm Chinese myself and my answer should work. :( Excuse me, where can we exchange currency here?


    Where is the "here" in the Chinese?

    While "exchange currency" should probably be accepted, it seems to me that "货币" is more properly "currency", and that we might want to use that word with "兑换".



    I typed here on accident haha.


    I didn't get "we" as an option, so I was forced to use "me" and it got marked as incorrect!

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