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When you will reach level 25, according to your xp goal

When I read this awesome comment breaking down the XP needed to level-up, it made me wonder what that means for our daily XP goals!

It takes 30,000 XP to reach level 25, as the XP needed to level-up gradually increases. That means:

"Basic" = 1XP per day
You will reach level 25 in 30,000 days

"Casual" = 10 XP per day You will reach level 25 in 3000 days

"Regular" = 20XP per day
You will reach level 25 in 1500 days

"Serious" 30 XP per day You will reach level 25 in 1000 days

"Insane" = 50 XP per day You will reach level 25 in 600 days

There are no more duolingo-sanctioned titles after this, so I made up my own :)

"Dying" = 150 XP per day You will reach level 25 in 200 days

"Dead" = 200 XP per day You will reach level 25 in 150 days

"Undead" = 300 XP per day You will reach level 25 in 100 days

A͐̋͛͑͝n̈́̒̊́̕c͂̾͌͂͋i̓͂͆͌̓ë́̀̓̆̚n͐̒̀̑̈t̛̊̉̄͘ ̓̂̋̉̿Ơ̄͂͗͠n͐͂͛̈́̇e̅̇̂̾̆ = 1000 XP per day You will reach level 25 in 30 days

I hope you found this helpful!

November 29, 2017



“How do you eat an elephant?” One bite at a time...

Breaking things down into small chunks makes everything more manageable.


And you would know! I'm impressed by your levels :)


Thanks! It was over years...on and off. Best of luck!


i think i'm a "dead" person haha


Just keep moving forward...sometimes I go "Insane" then I go "Dead" or "Undead" but when I'm in a good mood I go "Ancient One" or Two....lol. Thanks for your post and fun new titles as you call them.


Of course! One day maybe I'll have an "Ancient One" day too... we'll see!


Muy buena! Thanks for sharing Rabbitrah! I think I fall in the "Insane" category.:)


I average a little over 80 xp a day... going to need to pick up the pace.


**”I hope you found this helpful!”

No, but it was mildly amusing. In the good old days when ‘Immersion’ was available you could earn large amounts of XP just by translating web documents. Sadly that was in the good old days. Nowadays it seems you just have to die :-)


I wish I was around in the days of immersion! It sounds like it was crazy but awesome :)


Cool! Does that take strengthening into account, though?


I hope to see you of the ancient variety so as you cross me over within 2 or three days !


Thank you! That's why I feel dead so often.....


Turtle = 1 XP per week You will reach level 25 in... Wait a minute... You will not reach level 25 because the Zombie apocalypse will destroy the internet or you will be part of a new A/B test that voids experience levels altogether...


30,000 days is ~82 years, within which time it is likely that either AI will have exterminated mankind or we shall have the technology to understand any language instantaneously through a direct brain interface. Zombies are certainly possible via the first option, however.


Sometimes in the Dead category, sometimes in the Insane. Depends how challenged I am by the language and how much spare time I have.


Wow how do you do this? I do about 40xp a day and that’s not tooooooo easy. But then, sometimes I do a “dead” sometimes!


It looks like you're doing pretty good! I strive for Dead but I'm usually Dying. Of course, I also tend to forget duolingo exists for weeks at a time. Oops.

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