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  5. "今天我不想洗衣服。"


Translation:I don't want to wash clothes today.

November 29, 2017



I put "I don't want to do laundry today" and it was marked incorrect. I will report it, but there doesn't seem to be a place to explain why my translation is correct, as with other beta languages. Am I missing something?


I have the same problem with the desktop version of DL, but the Android app offers the option.


This should accept "do the laundry" and "do laundry" as well as "wash clothes".




Should be 每天我都不想洗衣服 because the predicate is based on every day instead of doing laundry. Likewise, 我不想每天洗衣服 is "I don't want to do laundry every day" so the emphasis is different


I'd like it better as "我每天都不想洗衣服".


"Today I don't feel like doing laundry" should be acceptable too


I don't want to do the washing today "is perfectly correct. Please review your English. Also, you must know that there are several versions in translating one sentence. Beware of that Birdie!


@Jacques - and that precisely is the issue. There are seventeen hundred different exotic ways. Let's stick to the basic ones. Instead of "I have a notion that my mind is vaguely battling against the very thought of collecting various wearing apparel, submerging them in liquid water and mixing in a cleansing detergent; then making the whole apparatus undergo the prolonged purification process before eventually rinsing the liquid portion away and hanging the remainder out to dry!!!"


“With all things being equal when the outcome is the same, simple is better.”


I know the answer is "I don't want to wash clothes today". But I think maybe "I dont wanna wash clothes today" should also be accepted. Reported. Wdyt?


"Wanna" isn't a word native English speakers really use in writing, even for this sort of exercise, unless we're deliberately trying to highlight its usage in speech (whether for fun or because we're writing dialogue etc., though personally I think it's usually if not always unnecessary in dialogue).

I see non-native speakers writing "wanna" and "gonna" from time to time in casual writing and it looks weird, not to mention that non-native speakers often misuse these "words", perhaps because they've been overemphasized in the context of language teaching and learning.

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