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  5. "公司不满意我的决定。"


Translation:The company is not happy with my decision.

November 29, 2017



Also possible: "The company does not agree with my decision."


That would be too much of a paraphrase, to my mind. "Is not satisfied with" would be accurate. "Does not agree with" would be 不同意.


Can 满意 also mean agree?


Yes and no. 满意 is literally "to be content". (If you go back to the meaning of each single character, it means: "the 意 = mind/ideas/thoughts are 满 (full)filled).
However, 满意 is totally common in Chinese colloquial speech (way more than "content" is in English). So, translating it as "to be happy with the decision" or "to agree with the decision" instead of "to be content with the decision" is totally fine here.


"be satisfied with" will be much better and proper than "be happy with"


Well, in English we often use "not happy with" to mean "not satisfied with", "not content with", etc., so I don't really see anything wrong with the given translation, but do you know another way to say "not happy with" in Chinese?


thank you for the english explaination. well, you gave me a good question, and i'm still thinking about that, and cannot find a proper phrase for "another way to say not happy with". maybe 不喜欢?


That seems like a possibility, though we would tend to translate it as "do(es) not like".


yes, they are different literaly. but i believe they are interchangeable, under some context. this makes me doubt if i'm a native speaker. :-)

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