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I contributed to Scots English

yeah I know. It is not much of a language of itself but it has it's differences. So I just contributed to a Scots English course. I saw that a few people have asked to have it on there. So if you peeps are looking forward to it leave a comment. (I might get some hate making this xD) anyway I hope to see Duolingo accepting my contribution.

November 29, 2017



i suspect you just applied to be a contributor.

if duo chooses to launch the course and you are selected as a contributor and actually do something for that course (not very good odds), then you will have contributed to it.


Hi Svrsheque. I know this isn't related to the topic, but what language is that on your list at level 12? And did you contribute to it?


I can answer the language question. It's Czech.


Czech and Czech.

[deactivated user]

    Applied, not contributed.


    oooo thats actually really great. thanks


    Yay! I'm so happy to hear that people are working on this! Thank you :)


    They're not working on it yet - but if the course is opened, they will work on it. :)


    Hi. I think it sounds pretty interesting. I hope it moves forward in its necessary processes & thanks for your contribution.


    Thank you very much for your work. If Norwegian is recognised as a separate language from Danish, then Scots deserves to be recognised as it's own language.


    ooooh im really excited about that one thanks!!

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