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"You have good and cold ice cream."

Translation:Voi aveți înghețată bună și rece.

November 29, 2017



I tried using singular 2nd person, but the correct answer showed up with only the plural 2nd person. How would I know that I needed to use the plural instead of the singular form?


singular should be: "tu ai inghețată bună și rece"


i'm kinda disappointed, i used "tu ai" which is pretty correct, isn't it? like, how should i know you want me to use plural? how? HOW?


Am I the only one who consideres the english sentence somewhat awkward?


"tu ai inghetata buna si reci" not accepted? Why? It says that I used the wrong word and underlines "si"...which is correct. Is this one broken or am I missing something? I shouldn't HAVE to use "voi", right?


Hi Megan. I think "reci" is plural.


Ah! There we go! I was trying to look for any difference between their sentence and mine, and I missed that one letter, thank you! Makes a lot more sense now!


Why are the adjectives after the noun? :(

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