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Any active German learners I can add to my leader board?

I'd like to have some friends in my leader board to keep me motivated. Seeing other people progress is motivational :)

November 29, 2017



I have finished the German tree so I don’t do it much anymore but I do learn other languages so you can add me if you like. :₽


I hope I have a flag signature like that one day. I'm curious why some (very few) people have a 25 next to their German flag. If you finished yours how is it not a 25? Just curious. I still don't understand everything here.


The numbers only reflect the amount of time you have spent on a language, not any kind of fluency level. It is definitely possible to finish a tree before reaching 25, especially if you test out of any lessons. On the other hand, I expect to reach 25 in Japanese before I get out of the first third, just because I have to repeat and review so much.


1202 day streak!!! thats incredible!!!


Thank you for the explanation. Now I know :D


You can add me :) i'm also looking for people to keep me motivated


I will add you both if that's ok.




Feel free to add me. :)


Ich versuche Deutsch zu lernen. It seems a lot harder for me than Spanish.

Is Spanish really that much easier or do I just have more exposure to it? German seems like there are so many ways to get it wrong, especially with all the different cases and "was nicht"

Then again, there are just enough English words that are very similar to their German counterparts that I have not given up - the easy is mixed up with the hard.


And yes, I have had a lot more exposure to Spanish than German in real life.


Yes, it can be hard and, yet, at times, it is easy. As noted, there are many words that are easy to recall because of a very similar or identical word in English. On the other hand, there are other words where I cannot make a connection. In some cases, I attach a relationship so I can recall the word. I did just that with the "Some . . . " lesson.

Here is what works for me:

Irgendwie-I recall the phrase, "Wie geht's," because it is common and I recognize that I'm asking someone, "How is it going?"

Therefore, Irgendwie is SOMEHOW

Irgendwer . . . This relationship is rather complex because I look to the "er" ending and relate it to PERSON. Thus, it is SOMEONE.

Irgendwo is any easy for me because I think of "Wo wohnen Sie?" "Where do you live?" Thus, SOMEWHERE

Irgendwann is default for me because it is last on my mental list. I focus on the ending (of course) WANN and it sounds similar to WHEN?


Since I've adopted this technique, my responses are usually without error as they pertain to "some . . . "


mee!! i have one person on here and they haven't been on in about a year, in need of motivation haha


Hopefully I'll give you some motivation :D I plan on being on here every day until I complete my tree :D


I'm on quite avidly! You can add me as well.


i have started with german since last week. can i join in?


add me, i practice everyday and it would be nice to have others on here for motivation :)


I'm here for you!


I've not long started but I'm on every day, happy to be part of it.


i have followed you! trying to keep up the motivation as well!!!


Feel free to add me! I'm only on day three but I plan to stick with this!


feel free to add me :) i am learning every day


I'm kinda new here as well. Whatever you guys are talking about, I'm in too!


That is right.. add me I am also a learner of German..


you can add me ic ben ein mann


Add me, could use the boost as well!


Being new here, I'm not sure what it means, but feel free to add me. I'm learning German too.


please me im learning german


Feel free to follow me. :) Currently I’m focused on finishing my Japanese & Chinese trees but for sure will keep German learning going as well.


I tried the Japanese. I can't believe anyone could start there and actually make progress. I'm not giving up, but it sure does seem like an impossible task.


I’ve been watching anime for years so I had some basic idea about the language before I started the course on Duolingo. For me the first few skills were relatively easy but difficulties began to kick in since the time skills. Maybe motivations like the desire to read mangas or watch anime in their original form would help.


That is awesome that you received such an outpouring of support here. It looks like you have a nice little network of learners built up. If you are still looking to add some people feel free to add me as well. I am on the home stretch of the tree, but I cannot say I have all the vocabulary and grammar as down as I would like, so even after I finish the tree I plan to continue practicing with Duolingo until I have things down as well as I would like to have them down.

Happy learning!


I plan on going back through my tree until it's 100% :D I've been studying German on and for many years now. Learning basic conversation wasn't so bad, but man the grammar is hard :D


same here, looking for active German learners too :)

[deactivated user]

    you can add me, danke


    You can add me too. I had a 300ish day streak at one point, then lost it and took a break, and now I'm back again!


    me! i am trying to keep up daily.


    Feel free to add me as well.


    Yes! Please add me! I have absolutely zero active friends on my leader board, and would love to have a bit of motivation as I move through the tree (slowly...very slowly...).


    You can add me! I like a little competition every now and then.


    You can add me, would love to have some competition.


    Ich bin neu hier


    Just started. sure


    I'm learning German, I just don't keep up a streak but a week, because I don't do lessons on the weekends


    Hey, me too please :) Bring on the competition ! Also, join my group - Rapid XP !!


    Hallo! I just started :P add me!


    Thank you for all the adds! Let's keep each other motivated! I'll be watching my leader board to see who's beating me :D


    Sure . . . I administer a club and my streak is over a year. If you run a mobile OS, then I could include you in my club. However, the rules are strict. I expect EVERY member to do their minimum. Thus, if I see a double zero "score," I put those people on notice. If SOME progress is not made (in two or three days), then the participant can stay. If not, I open the door.

    This might sound harsh, but since I run the club, then my rules apply. In an era where trophies are awarded for mere participation, you won't find those in my club. And, furthermore, I have a solid core of about 10 people who have demonstrated commitment. Historically, 3 or 4 are removed for lack of ANY progress.

    So, watch for an opening: "Deutsch lernen in USA."


    Added you and a few others. I stopped so I won't feel like I'm spam adding. I'm almost there with you in streaks. It's my first time going past 10 day streak!

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