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Gem chests on Android and lingot content

Recently I got a new feature on Android Duolingo: whenever I achieve my goal for the day, I get a choice between three chests that each contain either 1, 2, or 5 gems. This is a really fun bonus, and I hope it stays!

That being said, I don't really see the point of giving even more lingots. Plain and simple, there's not much to spend them on. Near the beginning of my journey with Duolingo, I had already purchased all the costumes for Duo and all the bonus skills for German - and purchasing bonus skills for other languages wouldn't be a problem anyway since you can earn enough lingots just getting to the slots on the tree. I don't personally care to use streak freezes nor the timed practice (which is only a single purchase on 10 lingots anyway) which leaves only the Double or Nothing - but this simply gets me more lingots!

Are there any plans to add more content to spend lingots on?

November 29, 2017



In my case, after opening one chest, I get the option to open a second chest if I am willing to watch an advertising.

So I think Duo knows how much some people like lingots and they are bribing us to watch ads. I actually like it this way because I can choose to support Duo when I have time, without being forced to watch ads every day.


Great question Alden!

I also think it could be interesting (& fun!) if Duolingo adds more uses for the Gems/Lingots :-)

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