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Thanks for 70 favourites on my Chinese TinyCards Deck!

Wow! These literally came up over night! It's reassuring to know that people like using my resources and that I can help so many people! Btw I have some more decks down below if anyone needs anymore help! I made most yesterday so I am still working on them!

Edit: Wow, a few hours later and 98!

Beginner's Chinese: Beginner's Chinese: https://tiny.cards/decks/0e8ed9ca-76b8-4a72-85b4-57dcd6a22c0e Basic Chinese Verbs: https://tiny.cards/decks/4bb2f110-2d00-4a2f-b036-1d4d4628c2cf Basic Chinese Nouns: https://tiny.cards/decks/35f09511-1606-4801-b0e3-962e606dd7bf Chinese Numbers: https://tiny.cards/decks/3b0da0d6-69d1-4925-91f5-831bc1f5baca Money and Finance in Chinese: https://tiny.cards/decks/6901421f-c2f9-4ee9-9368-009e397dfb17

November 29, 2017



My decks on Chinese got around 20+ favorites as well. Glad to see you succeeding as well!



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