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  5. "이 술집은 아주 좋아!"

" 술집은 아주 좋아!"

Translation:This bar is really great!

November 29, 2017


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As I see it, the sentence means simply ‘This bar is very good’; where do you get ‘really great’?


You beat me to this. Somehow (across multiple questions, I should add) good and great are taken to be equivalent.

This, of course, should NOT be the case.


Why is "i like this bar very much" not correct?


좋아 is an adjective it means "good or great" 좋아해 is a verb it means "to like"


There is no "I" in the Korean sentence. 술집 is your topic.


But Korean is a pro-drop language while English is not. A dropped I could still be the omitted subject since the topic isn't necessarily also the subject in Korean.

(I'm just a beginner so if I'm wrong, what did I misunderstand?)

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The point is that 이 술집은 is marked as a topic. If you leave out 나는 from ‘I like this bar very much’, you'll be left with 이 술집이 (아주 좋아).


I typed I really like this bar and Duolingo marked it correct.


I think it is because the sentence starts off with "이 술집" meaning "this bar". The context of your answer would be known to the listener though.


A bit irritating that in past lessons if you use 'really' in place of 'very' for 아주 it is marked incorrect, but here it's fine (as it probably should be in earlier lessons; in the context they have been used up until now they are interchangeable).

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