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New Years resolution experiment?

I like to occasionally check up on what A/B tests I'm part of - and try to puzzle them out since they're usually named pretty cryptically - and one in particular caught my eye:

Anyone want to speculate on what this will entail?

My guess is that it will be started, naturally, at the end of the year (so I'll have to check back later to see if it's still "undefined") and of course it'll probably be some sort of incentive system to encourage people to make and keep a New Year's resolution to practice Duolingo, but the exact form of it is pretty up-for-grabs.

November 29, 2017



A lot of these experiments just involve sending different emails to get users to return to DL, so I shouldn't get too excited about it.


I haven't been checking the A/B tests regularly, but I think I remember seeing that one many times over the last few years, yet nothing about New Year's resolutions actually added to Duolingo.


That would be a cool feature, we already have the weekly resolution lingot bet for streaks.

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