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Is pinyin going to be eventually added when you hover over characters?

I think this would be really helpful.

November 29, 2017



I sure hope so, it is a great disadvantage that they have not.


We've been talking about this in the course chat, but it's really up to Duolingo to implement. I personally would like to see it, though.


My comment might be a bit off-topic, but I would just like to personally thank you, crush, for being active in the forums and showing that you care about how the community feels.


You can install the Perapera Chinese dictionary plugin to achieve this functionality (check 'hide definitions' to show just pinyin).

I'd not object to pinyin in hover definitions, although I do find the TTS' pronunciation perfectly clear the vast majority of the time. I like the way the DL has sought to minimise pinyin and focus on characters and audio, although it probably wouldn't hurt to have a higher proportion of pinyin-based exercises right the beginning of the course, as new learners won't automatically know pinyin.


Support! This is essential.


I think as hover-over it would make things very cluttered, but I think it would fit nicely on each phrase page so that when you get a sentence wrong (likely because you don't know the content very well) you can at least know how to say it.


I just started learning Chinese and I am sometimes having difficulty in finding the correct pinyin corresponding to the Chinese character. I mean I recognize the Chinese character and even know what it means but then fail to type it back because I cannot seem to find the correct pinyin. It would help a whole lot people like me if the pinyin was added to the tool tips so we can better develop pinyin-character association.

Currently, to solve the problem I am copying and pasting the Chinese character into Google translate which then shows the pinyin that I don't remember. Then, I use the pinyin to type back in Duolingo (I try to type each word instead of word select exercises)

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