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  5. "你吃鱼。"


Translation:You eat fish.

November 29, 2017



Shouldn't there be a bigger disparity between the tone of 你 and 吃? Like, shouldn't ni3 be low and chi1 be high?


If you hear normal Chinese conversation or go to China, the tones are all over the place. Focus on syntax, grammar structure, and not just the tones.


nah it's correct chinese people don"t speak like that it would be ridiculous


The male and female pronunciation is different im confused... Guy pronounces chhhi ... The girl pronounces shhhii


If you don't know it just try


"You're eating a fish" is accepted. Could "You're eating the fish" be accepted as well?


You can go with present continuous tense as the Chinese sentence can be used in that sense (e.g. I pass by your table and see what you are eating, I can say 你吃鱼; 在 is not always needed.)
However, the article "the" is probably not appropriate, as 鱼 here is generic.


Thanks! Out of curiosity what would the sentence have looked like for "definite fish": e.g. the fish dinner leftovers of which are in the fridge, or the fish someone in the family caught the other day?


The most usual way is to resort to using demonstrative adjectives e.g. 你吃那条鱼.
Be aware that I say it is generic not just because it has nothing before it, but also it is in an isolated sentence. 你吃鱼,我吃鸡 could be specific (as when there are before us a Fish-O-Filet and a McChicken). 你把鱼吃了 (literally You render the fish eaten) is also specific (as when I see you eating the fish I bought to be saved for later.)

Duo, claim the fee from the burger shop.


I think also can


The symbol of yu(with accent) for Fish is pronounced ee, but in sentence it sounds differently (close to 'bhi'). Same is for other symbols also like 'chi'. Is there any rule or we need to just memorize!


If you are willing to investigate just show your skills


Would the Chinese be different for 'you eat a fish'? 'You eat a fish' is not acceptable. Chinese like seeing a whole fish on the dinner table, so they are literally eating 'a fish.'


Haha, all food on the table is supposed to be shared, you can rarely eat a whole fish by yourself.
To specify that "You eat ONE fish" we can say 你吃一条鱼/一尾鱼. or alternatively " You eat ONE WHOLE fish" 你吃一整条鱼/一整尾鱼.


Don't make the typo "ear" rather than "eat" it won't see it as a typo


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