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  5. "Máš lehký kabát?"

"Máš lehký kabát?"

Translation:Do you have a light coat?

November 29, 2017



Is kabát coat or jacket or both or it depends? Every sentence containing this word seems to be using a different English word in translation and it's very confusing.


I think that English is more lax on the use of coat. It can be a lot of things. Kabát on the other hand is non sport like, goes at least under your buttocks and longer, typically would have buttons, not a zipper.


Thanks for the answers. Putting the two together (Google and explanation) I have a better picture in my mind now of what type of coats are included.


Do you mean an overcoat?


I fear this requires someone who know fashion in both languages. If a trench coat is different from an overcoat, then Czech, for example, trenčkot is a kabát for me. But there is also plášť as a broad category of cloathing. For example, the stuff that they wear in laboratories or hospitals is plášť but this word is also used in fashion.


Thank you. As I understand it KABAT is an outer garment, not a jacket of sport coat. Of course fashion changes in language as well as in clothing and, as I am in my mid eighties, I have difficulty with much of the modern terminology in relation to clothing!


Google Images https://images.google.com/ can help you a lot.

Try "kabát" (just ignore pictures of a rock band named "Kabát"), "bunda" and "sako".

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