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Any good German tv shows?

Any good German tv shows with English subtitles? I don't mind any genre, but it will be good if I can easily find stream channels for it online :)

November 29, 2017



As far as I know, the public German TV stations do not offer subtitles in other languages. Sometimes they offer German subtitles for deaf people.

But I would suggest netflix for that or - in case of the combination English/German - other vod services, like maxdome, amazon prime or others (but I am not sure, if they work outside from Germany).

Netflix is available nearly all over the world and offers many translations. And there is much content in German (synchronized) with English Subitles or in English or Original, where you can choose German subtitles.

Many other languages are also available, not always, but much more than in other vod services.

So I would suggest to try out netflix for that.


Hmm...I don't subscribe to Netflix. Was thinking of German tv shows I can follow casually so that I can improve my listening skills and vocabulary almost...subconsciously? :)


Yes, but you asked for offers with subtitles and aside from the pay per view offers of the big streaming porrals there aren't any legal ones.

If you only want to watch stupid (sorry for that!) TV shows, there are many and if you want, I can tell you some - but the German there is mostly not so good as it should be...

[deactivated user]

    Deutsche Welle (DW) this is sth. like VOA in the USA. If you try this link you will find a video with the complete text and with slow speaking. http://www.dw.com/de/29112017-langsam-gesprochene-nachrichten/a-41573678 There are a lot of thinks for German learners in nearly every level. Have fun.


    Deutschland 83

    Der Tatortreiniger


    Ooh do you know of any sites which streams shows like this? Besides Netflix haha


    May be watchbox at


    RTL offers this at no charge (so it is legal!) but with commercials in the streams and as far as I know without subtitles (you asked for them)

    There are many other streaming possibilities but most or all of them are without subtitles.

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