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French Roll Call

I just got the sentence "C'est present" for "He is present" and it got me wondering: how do French children answer a roll call? In the U.S., when a teacher goes through the roll, children usually answer "here" or "present." Do French students say "ici" or "present" or something else? Do they do roll calls in France? Thank you in advance.

November 29, 2017



In general, they say « présent » lazy ones may say «Oui » but the use is to answer « présent ».


formally, boys say "Présent" girls say "Présente". Though, "ici" is also used.


I took French immersion in school in Canada, and the most common response we gave was "ici", but it varies by person of course


I thought you were going to ask whether we were here - how are you?

I don't know, do schools still do that? It was 'here' or 'yes' for us, as I didn't go to a fancy school, but later the teacher just looked around the room to check - it wouldn't surprise me if they are actually having to clock on now.


Hello. I am doing well, thanks. How are you? I suppose in school, after the teachers got to know their students after a couple of weeks, they would just look to see if the students were in their seats.


Well, I'm not sure but I think they would do ici for informal, like us saying here, and present for formal, similar to us.

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