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  5. I've been robbed!

I've been robbed!

[deactivated user]

    Duolingo just told me I've lost my 80 day streak and would I like to pay money to get it back, but I haven't missed a single day!!

    November 29, 2017



    Here, have a lingot for your pain and suffering. :-) I lost a 300 something day streak last year and that was a bummer. In the long run though, it doesn't hurt the learning process even if it does take a hit on motivation.


    Come on, get a grip on yourself. You haven't been robbed, you have lost your streak (most probable cause: you), and Duolingo offers you to get it back for money. If you don't want to... fine... no harm done to your language learning, your progress etc...

    As to your streak loss, your extended user data suggest you did only 40xp yesterday while you have a 50xp daily goal, so either you didn't do enough, or it didn't sync correctly (do you use mobile?). Check usagiboy's post for some insightful tips & trick on streaks: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24771557

    Either way, I'd suggest having a streak freeze in place (and check it regularly) to prevent things like this happening! Good luck with your learning, and you'll have a great streak back in no time I'm sure! =)

    [deactivated user]

      It must be that sync thing, as I always stop when it tells me I've done my daily dose. Never before. But surely if it tells me I've done enough it must update it's records, no? Whatever. I'll not lose sleep over it, but like mekeliki says, it does have a psychological hit. It does also smack of trying to make money out of me. Perhaps I'll "buy some insurance" with some of those 829 "lingots" :-) Dunno what else to do with them.


      Good to hear you're not losing any sleep over it! =) I'm not sure about the mobile versions, but the website shows a green checkmark on ones flame in the top bar when your daily goal is reached. I've made a habit of checking if it's there, as well as having a freeze in place (as you said, what else to buy with those lingots =p)

      You're right about the psychological side, it's a shame if something you've worked on (the streak) is lost, but of course the real achievement is the language learning, not the streak =) I've heard people saying they skip a day on purpose every now and then to get rid of a streak to prevent them being obsessed by it...

      As to making money of its users, well if that keeps the site running and new features coming, that's a good thing right? As long as people can choose whether to buy stuff or not I'm fine with it.

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      Jersebas, I've noticed the green check on the flame but never put it together with the fact that it shows up only after I've done my daily XP. Thanks for the info!


      You're welcome =) And thanks to you for mentioning this as well! ;) It's always nice to know you helped somebody, even if it's just a small thing like this hehe =)


      With the mobile version your streak is greyed out until you meet your target for the day (then it turns orange).


      omg....yours is one of the worst cases I've heard of so far. Clearly borders on Extortion. I am so happy I've lost several HUGE streaks now, and they no longer matter to me. I'm sorry for your pain. Worse....I don't have advice. Good Luck. I'll leave you with a Lingot.


      I once lost a 198 day streak.


      Streaks are good for accumulating lingots which you then can give away freely . :-)

      [deactivated user]

        can lingots add something valuable to me other than the benefits mentioned on duplingo shop? please reply as i have plenty of them

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