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new to japanese

Hello! I'm new to learning japanese and I started at Duolingo as I used that to learn German some time ago. I started the course and then asks me how to write night in japanese? Am I supposed to know that? Does that come later? I'm just expected to know some words? Also am I expected to know how to write all the hiragana? What do you guys do? Do you just read them or do you also write them? And some characters in the course are introduced to you without the flash cards first and they are implemented in the match excersises. I don't know if it is how it's meant but it seems strange to me.

November 29, 2017

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Ideally, the lesson should introduce the hiragana required to compose a certain word, then require you to translate it (JP-- EN or EN--JP) after you've become visually familiar with the hiragana for that word. Also, if you hover over a new word, a pop up card with its meaning will appear like this:

I've also noticed that visual aid has recently been added to the course (on the web and iOS as far as I know).

PS: I said Ideally at the beginning of my reply because there have been times when words (or syllabary) are suddenly tested together (as in matching the pairs) then introduced individually later. When that happens, your only choice will be to rely on trial and error to answer.

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