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"Das Raumschiff fliegt durch den Weltraum."

Translation:The spaceship is flying through space.

November 29, 2017



Weltraum vs. Das All anyone?


Both is fine. Der Weltraum, das Weltall, das All... even der Raum, if it's clear you're talking about outer space and not about a room or normal "earthly" space.

To me, "Weltraum" would sound the most natural / usual.

"Das All" sounds a bit more poetic to me.

And then there's "das Universum", which you'd use when you'd use "universe" in English, too, like when you want to talk about "the whole thing" and not about "space".


Wait, isn't “das All” also “the universe” rather than “space”? That is how Duo teaches it and I was convinced that “das All” and “der (Welt)Raum” were as different as ”universe” and “(outer) space”.


...hm... I'd put "das All" with "space"...

"Das Raumschiff fliegt durch das All / den Weltraum" - "The spaceship flies through space"

"Der Satellit sendet eine Nachricht ins All / in den Weltraum" - "The satellite sends a message into space"

"Sehen Sie den besten Boxer des Universums!" - "See the best boxer in the universe!" - "im All" wouldn't be used here.

"Das Weltall / Universum ist sehr groß" - "The universe is very big"

"Wie ist das Universum entstanden?" "How did the universe come to be?"

"Sind wir allein im Universum / im All / im Weltall?" - "Are we alone in the universe?" - "im All" is a bit more poetic.


I'm not a native, but Weltraum is definitely how you say 'space' in common German. Das All sounds very poetic and literary, IMO.


Could it not also be "through the space", as in referencing to a specific portion of space?


why flying through space and not flies through the space is correct


Why not 'The spaceship flies via the space'?

[deactivated user]

    'Flying' through space is not good English - or science. 'Travelling' is more exact.

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