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Klingon course

Why doesn't the Klingon course go into Beta? It states that the hatching is 100% done yet it hasn't gone into Beta.

November 29, 2017



Because the 100% refers to the number of completed sentences but Duolingo has to do several housework tasks such as TTS before releasing it into Beta.


I have heard they had an issue with getting the website to not ignore these '''' (cant remeber the word for them) when they have coded the website to just ignore them before. It is important because in Klingon they are used and the absence of one could change then word so they need the course to require you to put them in to accept the answer but now in other course the website accepts both youre and you're


Apostrophes, which Klingon uses as a letter.

The course will go into beta when it's ready to go into beta. Those dates are just targets on the wall; they're not something in which folks should put too much credence.


I was thinking they probably have to do QC before launch, which would be more difficult for the rarer languages.


Thanks for all the answers.

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