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Romanian has reached 400K learners!

The Romanian course for English speakers has reached 400,000 learners! Congratulations to the Romanian team!

November 29, 2017



Îmi place mult limba româna, chiar dacă este mai dificil decât alte limbi romanice pe care le poți studia pe Duolingo. Pot să citesc limba română, mai mult sau mai puțin, dar fac multe greșeli când scriu. Sunt multe lucruri gramaticale pe care nu-mi amintesc.


Really? That is amazing! I hope that number continues to grow because Romanian is such a wonderful language that I thoroughly enjoy learning. ^ ^


Romanian is weird! Some familiar words (from an Italian point of view) are sprinkled in here and there, but most of it is really bizarre, but not in a bad way. I'm well over half done with the tree, doing a lot of review, but hoping to finish the tree before too long.


waiting for the million :D


Almost past Swahili! Romanian currently on 449k as of 1st January 2018, and Swahili is on 450k! Go Romanian!


Where do you see these numbers? Where are they published?


When you add a new course you can see how many learners are involved in each one :)


Well, I'm impressed! Does anyone know why the Tips are available only in the online course and not in the app? That seems odd.

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